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Coming from an Electrical and Electronics Engineering background, Alisher has 6+ years of professional experience as a Machine Learning Engineer. As he did his Ph.D. studies at Tsukuba University, he specialized in video action recognition.

He has experience in the management of teams as a lead AI engineer, and he acted as chairman of Machine Learning Tokyo ​​(award-winning, largest AI community and NPO in Japan with more than 11,000 members), giving talks and presentations about AI on many occasions. He has a gold medal from METI (The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry) for the EdgeAI competition. He is particularly interested in developing data-efficient and data-centric AI solutions.

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International HIgh School 

B.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
- Gaziantep University

M.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
- Gaziantep University

Ph.D in Graduate School of System and Information Engineer, Department of Computer Science
- University of Tsukuba

Work Experience

Rakuten, RIT (R&D)

PKSHA Technology, CV team

Machine Learning Tokyo, core team

Browzzin, AI team

Tokyo Data Science School

Machine Learning Tokyo, board


1st Place in Chess Competition

Full Tuition Scholarship

1st Place in Computer Programming Olympiads

4th Place in Computer Programming Olympiads

The most successful student

TUBITAK Scholarship

Gold medal in Edge AI competiti

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